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The LIVE ÅTTE Foundation


Live Styve Saeboe died on her 8th birthday, 24th March 2006. Live had a brain injury that gave her many and great challenges. The last three years of her life she was linked up to the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (also called the Doman Institute) in Philadelphia, USA. Through close follow-up and intensive stimulation she made great progress and reached goals that most people thought were beyond reach.


The values and the perspectives on the human being, the energy and courage which made her parents making use of the method, is still there, along side the grief and missing of their child. Establishing a foundation, named after Live, 8 years old, is not meant to nurture the grief and the missing of a child, but to continue and enhance the commitment and make use of the competence gained to benefit others as well.


We will help people step forward



Based on the story of Live, the foundation will work to assist children and youth with special needs to reach their potential.

Through information and attitude-building work the foundation will inspire individuals and the community appreciatin the value of each human being and the resources he/she represents, and to do what is needed to let every human being become what he/she is.



∞  Human

∞  Muse-ical

∞  Couragous



∞  Humanism

∞  The idea of ”The Muse within”

∞  The United Nations’ convention on Children Rights



Working Methods

2 annual events

- a cultural event, e.g. a concert, arts exhibition, theatre performance

- a lecture/seminar/workshop on a relevant topic, or a meeting with a Human Being with a story to share


Offering lectures and seminars towards medical/educational profesionals, students and others


The website

Projects, such as educational resources


Establishing of the Live 8 Foundation

Throughout the Autumn of 2006 the Interim Board of the Foundation has worked on the vision, aims and statutes of the foundation. In order to register, the foundation needs to raise NOK 100.000. The Interim Board will challenge individuals, societies, foundations and local companies to make a contribution.


Future income

The local Live 8 concert 28th April 2006 laid the financial foundation. A share of the income of the concert has been spent on covering the concert costs, the logo and establishing the web site. Future income will be spent on the running of the foundation, accomplishing events and development of resource material.



The Board will offer an opportunity of annual sponsorship after the foundation has been registered.


Contact information

The Live Åtte Foundation

c/o Oyvin Sonnesyn


N-6065 Ulsteinvik



Mob +47 905 16 475




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Account information

The Live Åtte Foundation

c/o treasurer Inger-Annie Molt Rise

N-6060 Hareid, Norway

Account number; 6569 05 16424

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